Hi, I’m Lucy! So you’ve heard about hypnobirthing and wanting to find out more about what’s involved and how it can help you.
      I stumbled across hypnobirthing with my first baby and it has been transformational . I felt duty bound to share my love, and pass the baton on to others.
      I work throughout pregnancies to give people the tools to have a confident and empowered birth. I want everyone to have a positive birth experience regardless of their pregnancy journey or turns that labour may take.
      I do this by exposing those negative beliefs you may carry and giving you knowledge about the birthing process so you will always feel in control and have the ability and confidence to express your wishes. You’ll learn visualisations, affirmations and breathing techniques that you can use to birth your baby in a relaxed and calm manner, knowing you are safe and allowing your body to do what it’s designed to do. 


      Hypnobirthing isn’t a solo course – your birthing partner should attend every session with you to give them the ability to create the right environment for you to birth your baby safely and calmly. 

      Through my hypnobirthing course you will learn:


      • Relaxation and its importance
      • How your mind & body connection affects your birth
      • Breathing techniques
      • How your body works during birth
      • How language and negative thoughts impact
      • The environment
      • Choices you will have
      • The role and importance of a birthing partner
      • Preparation for birth
      • Special circumstances and how to take these in your stride
      • Signs of labour
      • Positions
      • Post birth events
      • A LOT MORE!



      I offer 1-1 and group hypnobirthing classes in the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire as well as online classes for those further afield.


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